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March 16, 2016


Portsmouth Water and Fire District is offering one (1) job opportunity at this time:
     a. Distribution System Operator II; Or
     b. Distribution System Operator I;  Or
     c. Senior Distribution System Operator.

The successful candidate will work with considerable independence at the direction of the Distribution System Manager and exercise skill and judgment in performing all required water system operations, maintenance and labor necessary to protect public health and safety and to ensure compliance with all District, Local, State and Federal regulations...(download job description here in Adobe format).

CodeRed Link Button The CodeRED Emergency Notification System is an ultra high-speed telephone communication service designed to deliver emergency messages and distribute information considered to be important in all or specific areas of the Water District (more).

PWFD has a new online Payment Portal!
Press the "Pay My Bill" button to register, create a new account and sign in...
Quaker Hill Tower

Welcome to the Portsmouth
Water and Fire District site.

The Portsmouth Water and Fire District is a quasi-municipal, governmental agency created in 1952 by act of the Rhode Island General Assembly. The District was created to obtain and maintain for the District a supply of water for the extinguishing of fire, and for distribution to the inhabitants of the district, for domestic use and for other purposes. Essentially, the boundaries of the District's service area include all of Portsmouth on Aquidneck Island with the exception of the area in the southwest corner of town, including Redwood Farms, Bay View Apartments and Condominiums, Raytheon, Melville Navy Housing and the Navy Base, all of which is serviced by Newport Water.

The District is governed by a seven-member Administrative Board, which is elected by the registered voters within the District. The District holds an annual election of officers on the second Wednesday in June. The Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM at the District's main office.

Although the Portsmouth Water and Fire District is not affiliated legally or administratively with the Town of Portsmouth government, the District and Town work cooperatively to best serve their common constituents.